Our Mission and History


Intrepid Realty has a history and commitment to the revitalization of urban and distressed areas of St. Louis and it’s surrounding municipalities.   Our mission is to assist in rebuilding  neighborhoods that have deteriorated through decades of neglect and disinvestments.  In partnership with communities we bring vision, experience and commitment to the challenges of revitalization.


We believe in a broad outlook.  We have worked in nearly every type of housing market: affordable and market rate rental housing, historic rehab, senior housing and home ownership.  We believe in long-term involvement.  We maintain our commitment to our residents by managing our properties to the highest standards.  Our commitment extends beyond  housing as we work to strengthen social structures in partnership with community organizations.  Our emphasis on community building encourages social and physical revitalization. 


We believe in the power of partnership.  We work in concert with residents, neighborhood groups, financial institutions, foundations, state and local governments, and field agencies.  The partnerships we create become catalysts for change in the neighborhood development.   Quality, responsive and community focused personal management has been the hallmark of our development company since it’s inception.         


Since 1995 Intrepid Realty has re-developed  nearly seventy properties in partnership with local community  leaders, grassroots organizations, and major institutions.   This commitment continues as Intrepid Realty continues to evolve.   Below are some of the projects that Intrepid Realty has been involved with.  The scope of our work ranges from large multi family sites to single family home sites.  Intrepid Realty will continue to expand it‘s vision and work to create long term partnerships with local governments, key institutions and people of the community.  




Twin Oaks Apartments (44 unit property)


This property consists of eleven four family building located in a high profile area off of highway 55 and Bates Ave.   It had been poorly managed and under financed for several years before we were asked to manage and turn the property around.  Before the redevelopment,  there was a vacancy rate of 70%.  Two of the buildings were under project 87,  and there were numerous severe maintenance deficiencies on all eleven buildings.  Several buildings needed complete gut rehabbed.  Tenant problems consisted of high delinquencies,  drugs, etc.


Scope of Redevelopment:  (Worked in conjunction with C.D.A. and Alderman Matt Villa)


*  Replaced all windows and storm doors

*  Replaced six roofs

*  Resurfaced and stripped parki8ng lots,  added sidewalks and curbs.

*  Tore out old bushes, trees,  etc.  and replaced with new landscaping.

*  Installed concrete slabs surrounded by cedar fence for property trash containers.

*  Installed all  new steel basement doors.

*  New signage.

*  Painted foundations and entry doors.

*  Stabilized serious structural deficiencies on two buildings.


The effect of this redevelopment has been a tremendous boost and stabilization for the property and surrounding area.  The property has a much better curb appeal and the units are more desirable, thus creating a more stable tenant base.  Other property owners nearby have joined in on stabilizing the neighborhood and improving their properties as well.  Current occupancy is at 96% Revenue up 60% and property value has increased by 60%.




6206 Columbia Ave.   (Commercial Property)


This two story commercial property was an old outdated heating and cooling company with an early 70’s décor.  Intrepid Realty bought the property with the intent of updating and opening up the space and moving our office operations there.  It is just off the Hill in South St. Louis and offered us great accessibility to all parts of the city along with more space and comfort.


Scope of Redevelopment


*  Replaced all electric,  plumbing and H.V.A.C. systems

*  Redesigned both first and second floor plans/ complete gut rehab

*  Brought building up to current building codes and readied for occupancy

*  Created warehouse and store room in back and moved all Intrepid Realty operations to location.


The outcome of the rehabilitation work turned out better than predicted.  The layout was very conductive to our operations and the extra space created allowed  us to grow.  The warehouse and storage had been a tremendous bonus to keeping cost down and organization high.



3430 Virginia and 3456 Tennessee ( Single Family Houses )


These 3 bedroom homes needed a lot of work to bring them up to livable standards and meet conservation districts codes.  They were in need of all new plumbing, electric and HVAC systems.  They both offer approximately 1800 square feet of living space with Virginia having a garage.  The streets are very quiet and a nice park is close to both properties.


Scope of Redevelopment:


*  Replaced plumbing and electric systems including water heaters and electrical boxes.

*  Replaced heat and cooling systems with new furnaces, ductwork etc.

*  Remolded kitchens and baths with cabinets, counter, etc.

*  Extensive carpentry including opening up stairways, foyers, and living rooms to offer more open    space.

*  Redesigned bedrooms and hall layouts to offer larger rooms and wider hallways.

*  New light fixtures, vents, mailboxes, sinks, etc.  All new flooring.

*  Cleaned up basements, partially finished and added washer/ dryer facilities.


This work was completed very quickly, efficiently and within budget.  The homes sold quickly and are now filled with families..  A  home warranty package was offered.



Linden Garden Apartments   (36 unit property)

120 W. Catalan


This property consists of two large buildings in the Carondelet Community.  Intrepid Realty had been involved in the revitalization and management of this property since 1998.  Our specific focus for this property had been to make it handicap and elderly accessible and to upgrade the units as they become vacant.


Scope of Revitalization:


*  Improve accessibility to units for wheelchairs and other handicaps.

*  Signage.

*  Upgrade units with new appliances, etc.

*  New flooring.

*  Landscaping.

*  Develop line of communication with Housing organizations helping elderly and handicap.


Occupancy at Linden Gardens is currently 100%.  There is usually a waiting list to get in, which demonstrates the need for more handicap accessible and elderly housing.  The property continues to improve in its amenities and curb appeal and maintains a quiet and peaceful community atmosphere.



(Scattered 2-duplexes, 1-three family and 1-six family…total of 13 units.)

2255 Shenandoah, 2263 Indiana , 2243 Indiana ,  2262 S. Jefferson


These properties consist of four buildings on the same block with very similar characteristics.  We purchased the properties through foreclosure.  The six family and three family were vacant and all four buildings had severe maintenance defaults such as frozen pipes, stolen furnaces, destroyed walls from vandals and water damage.  Our goal was to rehab and modernize all four buildings maximizing on the tremendous space and layout potential they possessed.


Scope of Redevelopment:


*  Replaced windows.

*  Replaced plumbing and electrical systems.

*  Replaced heat and cooling systems.

*  Enhanced curb appeal with exterior painting, cornice and gable work.

*  Remodeled kitchens and bathrooms.

*  Replaced entry doors and interior doors.

*  Replaced two roofs.

*  Extensive drywall and carpentry work.


The effect of this work has been both profitable to the new owners and beneficial to the block.  All four buildings have been fully rented with long-term and stable tenants.  They have been basically maintenance free for the last two years with little maintenance forecasted for the coming year.


Other Rehabilitation Projects done by Intrepid Realty



745 Westgate

6 family in University City 1 mile from Washington University .  Gut rehab 6 units raising market rates by

$500 dollars per month per unit., sold to Washington University


3459 Itaska

4 bedroom house,  South City ,  gut rehab,  sold property


4343 Minnesota

2 bedroom house, South City , moderate rehab,  sold property


8627 Octavia

2 bedroom house, Jennings , Moderate rehab,  sold property



3738 Nebraska

2 family converted into 4 bedroom house,  South City ,  gut rehab,  sold property


3459 Giles

2 family converted into 4 bedroom house,  South City ,  gut rehab,  sold property


2149 California

2 family converted into 4 bedroom units,  South City , gut rehab, sold property


3259-3261 N. 20th

2 family converted into 4 bedroom units,  North City , gut rehab both units,  sold property


2852-2854 Wyoming

2 family converted into 4 bedroom house,  South City , gut rehab,  sold property


2301-2303 Angelica

4 family converted into two family, North City , complete rehab, sold property


2022 -2024 Mallinckrodt

4 Family - complete gut rehab of all four units, North City , sold property


3672 Russell

12 family, South City, moderate rehab updating of all units, landscaping, roofs , etc. current rental property


3666 - 3668 Russell

4 family, rehabbed all four units, South City , current rental property


5313 Morningdale

Single family home in South County with mold condemnation, performed mold remediation, gut rehab, currently up for sale


4322 - 4324 Swan

2 Family - complete makeover of  both units.  Installed all new mechanical systems etc. currently for sale. 


815 Wall

Single family home, gut rehab, currently for sale


6424 Virginia

Single family home, gut rehab, currently for sale

Twin Oaks Apartments
6206 Columbia Ave.
3430 Virginia
3456 Tennessee
Linden Garden Apartments
2255 Shenandoah
2263 Indiana
2243 Indiana
2262 S. Jefferson