About Us

Established in 1995, Intrepid Realty, began managing small scattered sites in the metropolitian area. We now manage a wide base of real estate holdings totaling more than sixteen million dollars in assets. The scope of the properties that we manage and the confidence entrusted in us by our clients is evidence that Intrepid Realty is a firmly established, reputable and ethical real-estate firm. Intrepid Realty specializes in providing customized management and rehabilitation expertise to owners and groups who desire more than large companies are willing and able to provide. Establishing our client's needs is the first step in our business relationship. We view each prospective client and property as unique. Intrepid Realty's hands- on and team approach to finding property solutions, coupled with our administrative support systems, creates a responsive and personalized management program. An initial interview will help us determine the needs and concerns for the property. After a review of the operating systems, maintenance cost and an on-site review of the physical property, we can make experienced recommendations on how to maximize the return on the investment. Priorities are established and goals set before we begin our involvment of the input. Our moderate size allows us to be extremely flexible and tailor our service to the needs of the subject property.

Intrepid Realty continually keeps up on new laws, practices and techniques that allow us to counsel our clients and initiate new ideas, organizational procedures, etc. We are always looking for ways to improve on existing operations. We have surrounded ourselves with reputable and established attorneys, accountants, real-estate agents and contractors.

Intrepid Realty has been very involved in the rehabilitation of distressed properties for many years. During this time we have redeveloped properties ranging from single families to large multi family sites. We have become very effective in taking distressed properties, regardless of size, and rehabilitating them as cost effectively and time efficiently as possible. We have worked in conjunction with city officials, local city development corporations and banks on projects that have had a positive impact to all concerned.

At Intrepid Realty we continue and strive to be better. We are committed to the ongoing revitalization of the city and local municipalities and their growing demand for existing and new property solutions. Our mission is to provide the best service possible to our clients and residents by helping our clients maximize on their properties potential and providing our residents with a safe and comfortable home.

Client Service Team Key Members

Intrepid Realty's greatest strength is its people. Our staff provides not only a wealth of experience, but they are also recognized leaders in the community and real-estate circles. Professionalism and integrity are very important to us and we firmly believe they are the basis in which to operate. 

Paul Simms, Current Principal / Director of Properties is responsible for overseeing the physical aspects of all properties under Intrepid Realty's portfolio. The Intrepid Realty's maintenance staff is supervised by Paul, and he oversees all work performed by the maintenance technicians. Paul continually works with our clients to implement strategies for maximizing income, reducing expenses and expanding our client's portfolios.

Sheila Armstrong, Property Manager is responsible for overseeing all leasing and marketing of properties. Sheila primarily oversees all the daily activities for our client's properties, such as leasing, taking and delegating out maintenance calls, rent collections, and inspections. Sheila then acts as the liaison between properties and property owners pursuant to the daily activities.

Lori Simms, Administrative & Accounting Supervisor handles the in-house accounting and bookkeeping, monthly income statements for clients and oversees multiple office operations.

Dennis Buckner, Maintenance Supervisor assists Paul with the oversight of physical aspects of properties. Dennis works directly with Paul on addressing routine maintenance, capital improvements and maintenance prevention.